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Correct Procedure to Encode your Video Files for Upload to the RTMP Server

Converting your video files before uploading them is highly advised to create a uniform transition between video files. Transcoding (decoding, reformatting, and re-encoding files) converts several types of source material into a single video codec or file format.

Incorrect codecs can create major problems with the player, resulting in errors such as “The media playback was aborted owing to a corruption problem or because the media employed features your browser does not support.” You can read about this here.

You should also be careful and ensure that encoded videos are limited to a maximum bitrate, depending on your package.

We recommend you encode all files using the HandBrake.fr video transcoder before uploading them.

HandBrake is a volunteer-created open-source utility for transcoding video from practically any format to various current, widely accepted codecs.

HandBrake will appeal to you for the following reasons:

  • Convert videos from almost any format.

  • Open Source and Free

  • Multi-Platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) 

Step 1 – Select your Media Files

Step 1

Launch HandBrake and select your media files


encoding videos for rtmp server

Step 2 – Configure the Default Path and.mp4 file extension

  • Go to Tools -> Preferences and enter:

  • Use the MP4 file extension at all times.

  • Set your Default output route as well.

rtmp server videos encoded


Step 3: Choose a Preset

We recommend using either:

  • Vimeo Video Youtube 720p

  • Video Youtube 1080p


rtmp server media encoder

Step 4: Determine the Average Bitrate

  • Setting a bitrate ensures that your TV Station does not exceed the bitrate restriction.

  • It is usual for the encoding bitrate to vary by 10%. Therefore keep the Avg Bitrate lower than your maximum.

bitrate encode rtmp


Step 5 – Configure Output

Select Browse and then enter the location where you want your transcoded files saved.


rtmp server media encoder
Step 6 – Add to Queue & Encode
rtmp server media encoded


Step 6 – Queue and Encode

  • Choose to Add to Queue -> Include All Press Begin Encoding

  • You can now upload your media files.

  • Once they have finished encoding, you can upload your video files to the File Manager.

  • Go to the File Manager.

  • Drag and drag your PC’s media files into the Media File Manager.


rtmp server file manager ondemand

Let us know if you need help with your settings, open a ticket here.