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Fully Managed Red5 Servers

Starting at $15 /mo

To Enterprise Servers w. 10 G Port

24 core @ $950 mo.

Live Broadcast with Red5 or Wowza

Wowza Servers

Wowza Streaming Engine is a server software developed with java by Wowza Media Systems, it is used for for streaming of live and on-demand video, audio, and RIAs (rich Internet applications) over public and private IP networks to desktop, laptops, and tablet computers, mobile devices, IPTV set-top boxes, internet-connected TV sets, and other network-connected devices, providing very high quality and stability

Wowza Media Server can stream to multiple types of playback clients and devices simultaneously, including the Adobe Flash player, Microsoft Silverlight player, Apple QuickTime Player and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), 3GPP mobile phones (Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, etc.), IPTV set-top boxes (Amino, Enseo, Roku, Streamit and others),and game consoles such as Wii and PS3.

wowza server

Red5 Server will install and manage for its customers the Wowza if it is requested, because it is a licensed software the customer has to buy the software by himself.

Red5 Server will provide assistance during the all process.

If you are interested on installing Wowza Streaming Engine on your server please contact customer support.