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Create Your Own TV Station Online

Create Online TV Channel

Start with our Free demo, upload your videos

If you’re interested in creating your own TV channel but don’t know where to start, consider trying out a free demo! After that upload your videos.

Create a scheduled playlist

Once you’ve uploaded content for your TV channel, the next step is to create a scheduled playlist. This lineup of shows and other content will air on your channel at specific times.

Start streaming to your site or to social media

Our dashboard will give you a number of players you will add to your site, you can stream to your site and to social media sites at the same time, like Facebook, Twitter, and others, contact we will gladly help you.

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Create Your Own Online TV Channel – We Can Help You Make It Happen

Maximizing Your Streaming Experience: Which Package is Right for You?

Bitrate is a term used to describe the volume of data that is transmitted and processed during video streaming. The quality of the stream is directly related to the bitrate, as a higher bitrate will result in a higher-quality stream.

During our Trial account period, the bitrate is set at a sufficient level to provide a high-quality streaming experience.
Different package options will have varying bitrates, so it is important to choose the appropriate package and make necessary adjustments to your encoder (such as OBS) accordingly.

  • 720 kbps recommended for smartphones
  • 1024 kbps recommended for high-quality streams on smartphones
  • 1792 kbps can stream to any device with medium quality
  • 2048 kbps can stream to any device with medium-high quality
  • 3072 kbps can stream to any device with high quality
  • No Limit (RTMP 999 @ 99999 package) for very high-quality streams, for example, TVs

RTMP Server Prices

Red5Server is a TV AS A SERVICE… think of it as an INBOUND MARKETING TOOL for your business. It is a live TV creation, scheduling, and broadcasting platform. It provides any individual or organization with easy-to-use tools to create linear TV channels with scheduled shows, which can broadcast in real-time on the creator’s own website and OR to Social Media.

With Red5Server user-friendly tools, anyone can easily create an online TV channel with scheduled shows and broadcast them in real-time.



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