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Phone streaming is a convenient method for producing live broadcasts while on the go. More than 83% of people worldwide use smartphones, so mobile streaming via a smartphone app is useful for broadcasting to reach a huge audience with streaming videos.

Most folks have a smartphone that can broadcast live content. Rather than spending money on a full recording setup, stream from a device you own. Because of this, mobile broadcasting is very portable and economical. Mobile live streaming is practical as well. Quickly share news and information with your audience by streaming from your smartphone.

Using your mobile device to record information is simple. We need to pick a mobile streaming app with RTMP encoding capabilities compatible with your selected platform to make mobile video streaming available.

Some of the smartphone encoders used to enable mobile video streaming are Gocoder and Larix.

We must confirm that the selected app provides the functionalities required to meet our streaming objectives. Choose an app that enables text and graphic overlays, for instance, if such are crucial for your particular needs.

smartphone encoder to rtmp

We would also need to pick a video streaming service that aids our objectives. Some qualities to look for in a video streaming service include the following:

  • Capabilities for live streaming

  • Constant assistance

  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

  • Parallel broadcasting

  • Effective content delivery system (CDN)

Larix Broadcaster

The app is software by Softvelum that enables the creation of professional-caliber broadcasts from a consumer-grade smartphone using various broadcasting tools.

Key characteristics:

  • Multiple simultaneous connections

  • Allow streaming to various destinations.

  • RTMP and RTSP publishing.

  • Audio-only capture available
  • Stream to several platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube Live.

  • Adaptive video bitrate is supported in three ways: ladder ascends, logarithmic descends, and hybrid approach.


Larix Broadcaster is free to download and use, making it a go-to smartphone free streaming app.

larix broadcaster

Positive Aspects:

  • Simple to set up

  • Adopts RTMPS for streaming

  • Automatic archiving

  • Switching between the front and back cameras

Negative Aspects: 

  • “No frills”

  • feed from a single camera

  • There is no aspect ratio change for the screen.

Gocoder Broadcaster

For Android smartphones running Android 4.4 (API 19) or later, GoCoder is a live audio and video encoding application. Using GoCoder, you can record live audio and video information and transmit it over 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks to a media server, which can subsequently stream it to any screen in HD quality using H.264 adaptive bitrate technology.

The Wowza GoCoder SDK has the features and benefits listed below:

  • It is a comprehensive set of tools for constructing mobile live-streaming applications and offers all necessary functionality.

  • It is very simple to integrate with “Wowza Streaming Engine” and “Wowza Streaming Cloud.”

  • Both iOS and Android are compatible.

  • It’s simple to offer branding information.

  • The SDK includes top-notch data security and protection technology.

  • You can use it to consume a variety of cross-platform APIs.

  • With this SDK, controlling the encoder setting is quite simple.

  • The business offers top-notch reference materials for creating Android and iOS apps.

Our favorite iOS live-streaming app for broadcasting from a smartphone is Larix Broadcaster. Geocoder is still usable, but it has yet to receive any updates. You can start streaming using the tools and technologies we have discussed above.