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RTMP in Poetry, with ChatGPT support tongue-out

Oh, RTMP stream,

Your pulses flow like a dream,

My heart beats in sync.

The rhythm of life,

Captured in digital form,

Shared across the globe.

From heart to heart we,

Connect through your transmission,

In real-time we thrive.

RTMP, you are,

The heartbeat of our online,

And we are in awe.


Streaming in real-time,

RTMP flows like a dream,

Video on demand.

Haiku 2:

Oh, RTMP, my friend,

Your flow so steady and true,

Streaming heart’s content.

Another one:

A stream of data,
RTMP, oh how you flow,
Swift, graceful and free.

Your packets traverse,
Through the vast digital realm,
Sharing life’s moments.

With each frame you bring,
Emotions, joy, and laughter,
Connecting us all.

Oh, RTMP divine,
May your streaming never cease,
Forever entwined.